Daphany Rose Sanchez

Executive Director

Daphany Rose Sanchez is a New York native, who has been passionately working as an energy equity advocate for almost ten years. Daphany founded Kinetic Communities in 2017. By working with energy and affordable housing industry partners, Daphany connects, educates, and simplifies energy efficiency opportunities for under-served New Yorkers. As an avid affordable housing advocate and resident, Daphany loves to talk about local politics, New York City history, and community empowerment with everyone she meets.

Cassandra Walker

Community Associate

Cassandra Walker has eight years of community outreach and customer relationship management experience. As a native New Yorker, Cassandra's main focus has been the improvement of the quality of life of marginalized communities achieved through her previous positions as Health Care Coordinator at a prestigious New York hospital, a Volunteer Coordinator with Americorps, and as an Adult Education Instructor for a non-profit organization. Cassandra holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Long Island University.


2019 Energy Equity Fellow

Samia Oishi

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